Life in the Jungle of J

I’ve always been interested in computing languages that change the way you think – and J certainly qualifies. The downside is that a language as terse, powerful and varied as J also requires some support to understand and master. Scratch that – mastery is not really on the table – but gaining facility with the language is a reasonable goal.

For my contribution, I am really not a programmer – at least not by profession. Instead, my skills lay in communication and presentation through a variety of media. My background in instructional design will also be useful in developing the educational uses of J -both as a tool for teaching and as the subject of training.

J has the advantage of containing a rich learning environment, with reference materials that include texts, interactive labs, and a large number of easily accessible programs in the form of files known as scripts. My goal is to use a variety of presentation media to make the language a little more accessible to a general audience. That is at least a plan for the next year.

This blog will be used as a background sketchbook for thoughts I have as I follow this path. Comments are welcome.

Cheers, bob


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