Doing something the hard way

My plan is to create a series of instructional resources, with the following requirements:

1) because J can be conceptually difficult, the instructional design must be clear but (and this is the thing that makes this even harder) it must also be entertaining enough to encourage a general audience to view it several times.

2) it can involve several layers of media, but the whole design must support the goals of the lesson.

Currently, I’m planning to do a cross between a multimedia tutorial and a morning radio show with lots of humorous clips to focus the learning points. I have little doubt that the existing J community will be critical of this approach, but I am not really aiming at that community as they are currently well served by the documentation as it is now. At its best this might be accepted by them as well. I am sure they enjoy Monty Python and Douglas Adams,and other forms of conceptual humour; so it is possible that this may work for them as well. The tricky part as usual is being funny, which is really very difficult. As they say, dying is easy; humour is hard.

The first project will be using Henry Rich’s Lab “Introduction to J” as a framework. I really like Henry’s presentation and its lessons are cumulative and comprehensive.


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