J labs on steroids

I really like how the interactive labs in J allow for a mix of instruction and learner experimentation, and I want to further enrich the medium by linking video clips to the lab steps.

To accomplish this, each lab with video would first present a message box asking whether to include the display of videos. If video is included, the programmed part of the lab would launch subsequent videos using a web browser. This video content would be reusable, since the text of the lab could develop context for specific situations (important as the creation of video content is labour intensive).

So, how to leverage the use the video content? The entertainer in me wants to make it very engaging; the educator has no objections if it does not impede learning; the anthropologist knows how sensitive cultures are to how they are represented (and the J community is no exception). It seems to me that making learning material more attractive generates the potential of a larger audience, with more people using the language. The work is there to be done. First play with the labs to find out how that structure can be bent into something more attractive while remaining informative; later, to engage with the community regarding appropriate instructional styles.


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