J in the clouds

The new browser based version of J (J701) increases the flexibility of the language in several exciting dimensions.

  1. It allows remote access to a J server for mobile devices; effectively turning a phone into a programming tool.
  2. It facilitates creation of a much richer media environment. The web browser allows responses in a variety of media (video, audio, graphical) beyond the text mode.
  3. An interpretive layer can aid novice understanding. For example a GUI could provide not just the final calculation but intermediate results that clarify the language process.
  4. The power of web tools such as SproutCore and Jquery allow visually appealing interface design, attracting new users initially repulsed by a ‘geeky’ look.

The new version enables far greater exposure of the J language, but in the end its real power remains that it is an executable, mathematical notation. As such it provides a symbiosis of human and machine, and a framework for exploring mathematical patterns.


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