Reflexive Adverb (monadic ~)

This is a bit more detailed look at the Reflexive Adverb, which is the ~ adverb applied to a verb with only one argument.

It is also a look at a proposed viewer for a J sentence comprising of four windows. The top window is a text box which contains the J sentence. The bottom window is a text description of the part of the sentence that is under observation. In between top and bottom are two larger windows. The left provides visual representation of the sentence with highlighted selection, the right provides either a closer look at the selection or, if that selection is a noun, a description of the noun and its value.

The shape of the objects in the visual window have the following meaning:

Colours also convey meaning:

Noun – Grey

Adverb – Gold

Conjunction – Red

Monadic Verb – Green

Dyadic Verb – Blue

Given that legend, have a look at this screencast and let me know if you think it is of use and how it might be improved.


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