You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!

Aside from the fact that you haven’t seen anything for a while because I haven’t posted anything for a while, the title of this post should focus on the ‘yet’, indicating that you will see more soon.  To begin, the last few months I have been playing with the  JHS framework of the new and improved J701 with the miracle additive ‘open source’. Mostly what I’ve been doing is spinning my wheels as I learned enough JavaScript to be dangerous and got familiar with the web browsing environment. So what did I accomplish?

Here is a screenshot of a multiwindow J session that allows playback of video annotations along side a J lab within the Safari web browser. The left window is a fully functioning J session. The video window currently contains the ‘2’ placeholder to check that the lab and video are synched and the buttons along the bottom of the video window allow either random access of videos or to advance the lab in concert with the next video.

I’m pretty happy with it, and I hope it may provide a way to attract some new users to the J language.

The next series of posts will be scripts for the various video annotations as developments proceed.

Comments would be immensely useful.



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