Video Annotation for Lesson 2 of An Idiosyncratic Introduction to J

First, an admission that these videos do take a while to produce and in the process of developing them I am still discovering the most efficient workflow and optimal tool use. So, if you think that the only productive area is the final result, remember that there is much work going on behind the scenes.

This video involves much more animation than the first one and I think it hints at the power that these annotations can have as we move forward into lessons that have more cognitive challenges.

For now, watch this one and let me know whether the process is working for you as a viewer. If it isn’t, please let me know (extra special bonus points if you can also suggest a solution, but just pointing out the issue is sufficient).

Cheers, bob


2 thoughts on “Video Annotation for Lesson 2 of An Idiosyncratic Introduction to J

    • Thanks Roger,

      That is my voice and although I have done some voice work in the past, I don’t consider myself a professional. I hope I came close with the pronunciation of your name in the first annotation, please let me know if it should be redone.

      Also, are you okay with me continuing on with this video annotation of your lab? I felt that the lab blended the range and the conciseness of J extremely well, and video annotation may make it even more accessible to the newcomer.

      Cheers, bob

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