You ain’t heard nothing yet

Yeah, I know it has been a while and you have every right to be concerned about the pace of this project – I know I have been at times. But what you don’t get a chance to experience is the amount of behind the scenes development that has gone on.

For one thing, it turns out there is a very nice way to add sound to Keynote animations – that’s good – and it also turns out that the reliability of Keynote timing when exporting to video is suspect – frustrating. As a result, the Keynote animations need to be moved to iMovie, have the voice over added and timed out to result in a reliable video output. The result is actually more efficiently produced – more updates to follow – and allows exact timing of voice over and animation – vital.

Here is the Lesson 2 annotation to “An Idiosyncratic Introduction to J” by Roger Hui.


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