An Update on Display Shapes and Types on JHS

Based on some consistent and clear comments from a number of J’ers I respect greatly, I have made some adjustments to the way that the HTML and CSS affect the display on JHS. Primarily I am not showing atoms as enclosed except for the case of literals where the blank spaces are important to the array display in ways that the numeric types are not. I instead use colour and font to distinguish between the types. In the case of shapes I really now only display the single and zero dimensions as a visible envelope around the atoms. This results in a much less noisy display.

I went into these changes thinking that this might be difficult to do, but found instead that by using CSS that a lot of the display changes are isolated from the structure that I have built using J to form the HTML. The script is available as an attachment to the page:

under the name vlitejwiki.ijs

and below is a 3 minute video giving you an idea what to expect


One thought on “An Update on Display Shapes and Types on JHS

  1. A nice demo. I’ve often thought a graphic console would improve the J experience but performance and spreadsheet emulation has held things back. It’s good to see people thinking about how to make J results easier to understand.

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