An update on the Jig visuals

A couple of changes based on valuable feedback by Raul Miller and David Leibs and a quick note based on a comment by John Baker.

First the note: I should be clear that Jig at this point is not a working prototype but is in a design phase. It seems to me that there are three distinct aspects to this development. The design of the output is what I have focussed on here, but as well there is the generation of the information to create that output and the actual execution that will display the output. I am using Keynote in this design phase and will be moving back into the other two phases when I feel that the output is adequately defined. The next step will be using J to create the information needed using display foreigns 5!:1 and 5!: 6 for order of execution and and container level as well as type foreigns to indicate the appropriate colouring and shading of the nodes/containers. The second step will be to convert this information into an SVG element that will display the visual within a JHS environment.

JigContainerAmbiPrevious visual display of ambivalent verb in Jig


Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 10.55.55 AMNew visual display of ambivalent verb in Jig

Based on the feedback of Raul and David, it became clear that although the topographic version would contain the necessary information, it may not display in as accessible a manner (specifically the fact that it was colour driven and that it is difficult to accommodate shading differences on that scale). David suggested more inline on the set container and by reducing the sizes I can still retain the correspondence with the sentence. Longer sentences would need to be accommodated by sliders to move the window or by zooming. That is in the display execution layer, but I think it is achievable.

For now I am happier with the results and look forward to more comments for further refinement.


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